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  • Good morning moon. #nofilter #clearlyitstooearly #moon (at World Golf Village)

  • His face, though. #catsofinstagram #cats #catstagram #riversideavondalecats

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  • This is all of the readings for my class on the anthropology of death… I feel like this class may ironically kill me. #death #collegelife #somuchprinting #anthropology

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    so when are we gonna stop pretending beer tastes good

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    I hate that this exists 

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  • "Dammit, man, what’s going on with you! JIM I’m a Doctor not a busboy! I- don’t know why- what is it about your mind? What is it that does this thing to you? Try to explain yourself! squeee-ee-ee-eek- It comes from a deep part inside myself that was actually looking for my mother but yet I saw that moment when she looked up there and I said okay I’ll be funny for her but that- *gasp* Okay that’s fine work that way come back out from then then after a while you realize that I want to be accept- You like me, you really like that- NO IT’S NOT THAT. I can be trained I can show you how intelligent I am I can use a word like ‘delicatessen’ and know what it means. Or ‘invertebrate’, or ‘inveterate’, or ‘degenerate’- But all of that! It’s all part of it it’s all part of the mind that actually flows like that because I realize that the human mind is a three and a half pound GLAND that pumps neurons constantly and deals with itself by responding to stimulus that’s what we’re designed to do evolving slowly even Darwin’s going- ‘I HAD HOPES! I HAD SUCH HIGH HOPES!’ It’s all part of it, because I believe the human mind is adapting slowly but surely but I’m trying not to speak that fast because, eventually, you have to catch up. But I’m not really speaking that fast because sometimes actually when the mind is really working that well you actually know THAT- you cough. You breath. You come back. She’s about to pass out. But the ideal is to create something different. Something that moves with time.”

    I absolutely love how he takes over the show. His presence is so profound that everyone just lets it happen because they love it. We are all speaking from a generation, but we all grew up loving this man. I hope that he finds the love he didnt feel he had here on earth in the great beyond. Nanu Nanu

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